Modern Designs Highlight Simple Lines

Minimalist and modern looks are still on trend in 2018. By focusing on simplicity and clean lines, while bringing in new materials, you can create an interesting look that you can make your own.

“Modern designs focus more on ergonomics and simple looks than authentic and intricate ones,” Principal Interior Designer Julie Holzman said. She explained the designs used today are not direct copies of products from the past but are influenced by them. Furniture designers can mix shapes, colors and materials from products from different eras and create new forms that could only be produced today with modern materials and technology.

Minimalist furniture is often simple and functional, but it also can be artistically interesting to the eye with modern shapes and clean lines. Scandinavian modern style was introduced in the 1950s with affordable furnishings and sleek interiors. Minimalist style has continued to evolve, to add more modern shapes and bold colors.

Ms. Holzman’s own style and use of modern pieces was influenced by a trip to Vietnam, which opened a new door into her aesthetic sensibility. Hanoi is a center for contemporary art and the use of color there helped create a more minimalist approach to design in her work.

modern blog living room
This modern living room was designed by Holzman Interiors, an interior design firm based in New York City that serves New York City, Greenwich and Stamford, Connecticut.

Whether you are looking to remodel a kitchen or bathroom, modern design can be incorporated in small touches or as part of an overall minimal design approach.

In this modern kitchen, low-profile stools slide easily under a counter with a gorgeous waterfall countertop. This creates clean, simple lines that are echoed throughout the space, as well as being space saving and practical.

modern kitchen with stools and waterfall counter
This gorgeous waterfall countertop makes a statement in this kitchen design. Low-profile stools offer a modern seating option, while tucking under the island when not in use.

“As unique shapes and materials are still slowly entering the market, not everyone is familiar with them and therefore when they see them, people love to inquire about them,” Ms. Holzman said. “Modern designs focus more on ergonomics and simple looks rather than intricate, embellished ones.”

In this bathroom design, the oversized tub dominates the room, with a small stool with similar curves. The open storage shelf draws the eye, offering style as well as function.

bathroom for modern design blog
Designed by Holzman Interiors, this bathroom in a Scarsdale, New York, home offers an oasis for relaxation with simple, clean lines.

The use of symmetry is popular in minimalist design as well. It offers a sense of balance, which can be calming and comforting. Symmetry can be used in a mirror effect, as seen in this bedroom with the matching lamps and bedside tables, or in similar shapes, such as a round table with a round chandelier shape above it.

close up of bedroom table

bedroom for modern design
This bedroom, designed by Holzman Interiors, showcases symmetry not only with the side tables and lamps but the overall design of the room with the windows and headboard.

Consult with an interior designer to bring modern design elements in your home in a way that is natural and intuitive and speaks to your own personal style.

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Use Paint To Express Your Style

Using paint and different materials to create a look that is unique to you is a way to elevate the style of your home.

“The walls are an important part of the foundation of a room, and they are usually what catches your eye first,” Principal Interior Designer Julie Holzman explains. “This is why it’s important to choose the right wall color. It is a key element for design as color is connected to moods and emotions, so it is important to bring designs together.”

Ms. Holzman has more than 20 years of experience in the interior design world. Her design aesthetic has evolved to a more modern, minimalist approach to design.

Color can set the mood

Color psychology deals with the changes in your perception or mood when you view certain colors. The effects of color are subtle but noteworthy, causing reactions that are both physiological and emotional.

For example, one the main theories of color psychology is visual temperature, which groups colors into warm and cool. Warm includes red, orange, yellow, and cool includes green, blue, and purple. Warm colors tend to be more playful, increasing the energy in a room and encouraging conversation, while cool colors are peaceful, promoting relaxation and deep thought. For a living space that conveys both moods, try to strike a healthy balance between warm and cool colors.

Consult with an interior designer to discuss color choices and how to use color as part of your overall design plan.

In a previous blog, we talked about the new colors chosen by different companies as the Colors of the Year for 2018, such as Pantone’s Ultra Violet. It can be intimidating to decide how to use bold colors in your home, but an interior designer can help you decide how to use color to express your style and personality.

Ms. Holzman explains some people paint before creating an interior design, whereas others choose paint colors after planning the entire interior design to suit the furniture and create a more overall look.

This Fifth Avenue apartment illustrates the use of color as part of the overall design. Designed by Holzman Interiors, a modern interior designer firm based in New York City.

Designs or texture on the walls can also impact the space. With neutral or single-color furniture, the walls can add to and improve the appearance of the entire room.

Natural elements add texture

Using wood or stone, or other natural-looking materials, creates the feeling of being outside, and brings nature in to a space, Ms. Holzman said. She has used wood or stone around fireplaces or to create a focal point in a room design.

Wood and stone also have natural properties to withstand heat and wind, so they are obvious choices for fireplace design.

A fireplace is an ideal place to bring in different natural materials, such as wood or stone, into your design. This contemporary home in Simsbury, Connecticut, was designed by Holzman Interiors, an interior design firm based in New York City.

Concrete and glass can also be used with contemporary design. They are easy to produce and recyclable.

“They are not only affordable materials, but they also add an element to the design, creating a clean, futuristic, polished look to a room,” Ms. Holzman says.

Consult with an interior designer to bring these design elements together in a way showcases your style and personality throughout your home.

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Design A Kids’ Bathroom With Style

When designing a children’s bathroom, you don’t have to sacrifice style.

In one of our recent projects for Holzman Interiors, I designed a bathroom for a client’s boys, with floating sinks, a large shower with tile panel detail, and lots of storage with cabinets and drawers.

EP_170327_214-HDR Boys Bathroom
This bathroom for a client’s boys is functional, but still stylish. Floating sinks, a glass tile insert in the shower and silver finishes give this bathroom a modern vibe.

The bathroom may be used for guests, and designing with style allows it to be timeless, and meet the needs of children as they grow into teenagers.

In this Scarsdale home, double sinks and mirrors, with lots of counter space and cabinets, reduces crowding. A large tub and shower, with a rainfall shower head, as well as a telephone shower head makes it versatile for all ages.

A large tub and shower with a rainfall shower head and telephone shower head makes it functional and versatile for all ages.

In the shower, a vertical tile design panel, with smaller glass tiles in white, black and brown tones, gives the room a modern element. Large, sliding-glass doors on the shower add to the overall visual effect.

The clean lines, silver faucets and fixtures, and cabinet hardware all add to the modern, timeless look.

A vertical glass tile panel adds style to this modern bathroom design.

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Foyer Sets The Stage

A foyer or entryway is a great place to display your favorite artwork. As the entrance to your home, it is the first room guests see, and should be a true representation of your home and style.

Holzman Interiors has worked with many different clients to create a showcase for artwork, creating a focal point by using lighting, paint colors and more.

This foyer in a Union Square condominium showcases the homeowner’s artwork collection.

This Union Square, New York City, condominium remodel included custom carpets and furniture. As shown, the owner had several large works of art that Holzman Interiors used to pick colors, such as for the large vase and glass bowl on the table, which complement the blue bench and blues in the artwork.

This entryway also featured custom furniture and a black and white rug.

Track lighting highlights the artwork, to let the bright colors and shapes add further dimension to the space.

Custom pieces, such as this red ostrich leather bench, can complement artwork.

This Chicago apartment entryway includes a custom red ostrich leather bench. This bench was made to bring out the bold colors in the artwork hung above it.

Having benches or consoles in the entryway is not only visually pleasing, but also functional, as you can use the bench when entering or leaving the home to remove or put on shoes. Console tables also offer places to have an entry light, or a place to put keys or mail.

A console table can offer a spot in an entryway for candlesticks, as shown, or other decorative pieces.

Holzman Interiors also considers artwork when working with our clients to choose paint colors. Here the dark wall helps showcase the greens in this artwork and the dark wood table.

A lighter, textured wall sets the stage for this modern art piece.

Here a lighter wall showcases contemporary artwork, with lamps flanking either side with metal finishes, adding to the modern feel.

Modern design is a specialty of Holzman Interiors, with a minimalist approach to designing spaces with clean lines.

Visit our portfolio to see more examples of foyers and other completed projects.