Outdoor Spaces Great for Entertaining

Spring is a great time to update your outdoor spaces, which not only increases entertaining and leisure space but also can improve the value of your home.

There are more materials now available for outdoor use, whether you want to have tiles or treated wood flooring, to create an outdoor space perfect for entertaining. Another great addition to your outdoor space can be a fire pit or outdoor fireplace.

According to the 2017 National Association of Realtors’ Profile of Home Staging report, the desire to see outdoor spaces staged when selling a home was at 63 percent. It was not mentioned in previous years’ surveys. When homes are staged, they are more appealing to buyers and often sell faster.

Enhance any style

Your outdoor space can reflect your style, enhancing contemporary or vintage designs. With many styles and patterns of outdoor furniture to choose from, homeowners can work with interior designers to design the space.

“The best way to provide this to clients is through expanding their living space bringing the outdoors as a part of their activities and living,” said Principal Interior Designer Julie Holzman. “This type of design is cost effective and easy to build. Spring is a great time to think about revamping your outdoor spaces.”

outdoor kitchen
An outdoor kitchen is a great way to add entertaining space to your home.

Ms. Holzman said a popular feature to add to an outdoor design is fire pits or outdoor fireplaces. Not only do they provide ambience, they also can provide warmth, so outdoor spaces can be used through more seasons. A crisp fall night is a great time for s’mores around the firepit.

Another option is an outdoor pizza oven as part of an outdoor bar or kitchen area. This can provide a great spot for family gatherings or entertaining. According to Houzz, more people are entertaining larger crowds in a serve-yourself type of atmosphere. The Houzz category of “home bar” is one of the fastest growing and searched type of photos.

Ms. Holzman said expanding living space and bringing nature into the design is cost-effective and easy to build as well as providing a great place to let go of stress from the day.

Having an outdoor retreat at home can provide a place to relax, enjoy nature and take a mini vacation right in your own backyard!

Holzman Interiors provides full-service interior design services. Contact Holzman Interiors for a free interior design consultation or visit our showroom at TileAmerica, 63 Harbor View Ave., Stamford, Connecticut, to see examples of the furniture and discuss design ideas.




Create An Outdoor Space With Flair

Designing an outdoor space is a great time to be a little more adventurous, you can use brighter colors than you might usually use inside, or go with a neutral palette and then add bright pillows and accents.

Think about what type of entertaining you will be doing, whether you want a larger table to have for family meals, or lots of seating and small tables for snacks and drinks. There are many different patio furniture options to choose from.

A long table is perfect for a bar or dining. An outdoor kitchen, like this one shown here with a grill, outdoor sink and counter space, is great for entertaining.

Also decide if you want a variety of chairs, some for lounging, some for dining. Then pick your cushions! This is where you can have a little fun, with so many different weather-proof options. You can go with a bold and colorful design, or keep the cushions more of a neutral tan, grey or light color and use your pillow colors to pack more of a punch with bold solids or bright patterns.

This rooftop lounge has a seating area with neutral cushions featuring brightly colored pillows and a firepit.

Another hot trend is outdoor rugs, which can be used on decks or patios to outline a space as well as add another dimension of design. There are many different designs, whether you prefer a geometric pattern, floral design or a solid color.

Also determine what other items you might want on the patio or deck, do you want a grill for cooking or a table fire pit for roasting marshmallows or just to add ambience. There are many different options for fire pits, whether a longer rectangular size, or a smaller circular size better fits your style.

A recent outdoor space designed by Holzman Interiors included a pizza oven, perfect for entertaining, just provide the toppings and people can make their own pizza to their taste!

This patio space has a neutral palette, perfect for adding colorful cushions and pillows.

Add greenery with pots of different sizes, such as a larger container with a variety of plants or a few smaller pots in a grouping. Visit a local greenhouse or garden shop to find out what types of plants will do well in your climate, and consider whether they will be in a sunny or shady spot.

If you need a break from the sun, add an umbrella to your plans. There are umbrellas that are part of a table set, or stand-alone umbrellas that can be angled to give shade.

For a fun final touch, look into lanterns or lights that can brighten up a patio party. Again, there are many choices, whether you prefer larger lanterns on the ground, a string of lights that hang from a pergola or awning, or citronella candles scattered around to provide light and keep away pesky bugs.

Contact Holzman Interiors for a free design consultation. Get creative with your outdoor space and enjoy your summer!