How to Use One of the Newest Trends…

Large floor lamps! Illumination for your home is key, especially if you are renting…It really makes the space feel cozy. Recently, I have noticed a change. Table lamps have grown larger and now, longer. Designers are using magnificent floor lamps to spice up a room. They act both as decoration and function. These pieces can be spotlights in your room and deliver a strong message; more importantly your style. From classical, modern, contemporary…picking the right model is important when designing your room. Also, keep in mind the purpose of the installation, to light up the space and evoke a certain emotion.

Floor Lamps, NYC Sleek and industrial, this over the top floor lamp has a strong presence in the room AND acts as a reading lamp for the sofa.

Lounge Gun Lamp Found this Gold plated gun lamp at the gallery on Houston and Broadway called Grassi Marco Inc. The collection is done by Philippe Starck. A piece like this functions as art and can add a touch of style.

This contemporary lamp was something I found interesting when I recently found a matching pair of them headlining a foyer. Instead of the traditional, and frankly unimaginative chandelier, the homeowners included two larger than life floor lamps that greeted you when you entered the house.

This room includes two floor lamps that really accent the room with the bright orange colorful shades as well as bring the dining room and living space together with their placement. It’s important not to clutter a room which is why its important to put thought into the arrangement of the lamps to make them attractive.

Finding the perfect lamps can be hard but it’s presence really accents a room. As long as you stick to a specific style and light that you want, whether it be bright for an entry way or soft for a baby’s room, these pieces can add to the final touches in your home decor.


How to Turn a Small Space into a Sleep Santuary

Extending on the idea of small new york spaces, here are some examples of rooms that have been carved out of small areas. The spaces are comforting, homey and can be mimicked with small inexpensive adjustments.

This loft-like space is made over a children’s office. The use of blue Christmas lights illuminates the space above and gives off a sort of midnight under the starts feel.

It’s just a daybed but clever how it’s crafted out of the family library. The use of unique wallpaper really separates the space from the rest of the room and generates a very cozy atmosphere.

This alcove bed is created with draping fabric and molding around the edge of the wall. The use of pictures hanging inside makes the bed almost feel like it’s very own room. It’s personal and inviting.

Much like the other image, this bed is expressive, with the use of paneling and shelves are included to store your favorite books or pictures of family. They even included a potted plant! The stained glass inside the area makes it more private and I’m sure illuminates the room beautifully when the sun shines through it.

This bed is actually hidden in what looks to be an armoire. Awesome paneling and lights inside create a room within a room!

These ideas can be useful when designing a bedroom in such small NYC apartments….

Transition into Fall

There is nothing better than getting out that amazing Fall coat you bought on sale last spring. Splashing up your look with a great, orange scarf or knit sweater. The same concept can be added to your home. Bringing in some fall colors can bring out the holiday spirit that comes with the end of summer.

Colors can evoke very particular emotions, bring back all those wonderful holiday memories and remind you of how much you love that hot cup of cider by the fire. Warm Colors such as red, orange, yellow and others should be present in your interior to give off a cozy and comfortable feel. These changes can be simple by adding a soft throw blanket, some pillows or even curtains.

Just like a colorful scarf finishes your look, a splash of color on the sofa with a pillow can finish a room

Adjustments can be easy such as lining a sill or mantel with beeswax candles

Bringing in seasonal flowers or even tree branches with changing leaves will bring in those target holiday colors

Trendy Fall fabrics such as houndstooth are very popular. These touches can be added with upgrading your curtains or adding a table streamer to your dining room.

Even thoug the seasons come and go, it’s still nice to warm your home during the colder months. There isn’t a better time to get family and friends together to help you.

How to Pick the Right Coffee Table

When I went to design school, the first rule of thumb taught was to make sure you have 18″ on all sides of the coffee table to the furniture you are sitting on. Well, rules can be broken, but, it is nice not to have to squeeze into the seating area and have luxury to do so.

Here’s a picture of the traditional coffee table and how it fits so well in the space

You can also use a traditional style coffee table but have a very unconventional seating area.

If you are short on space, round may work best as there is more room to walk around the conversaton area

And if all else fails, use some small clusters to push together or spread apart

How to Pick Your Bedding to Reflect your Bedroom

When approaching a new bedroom project, I always take the client bedding shopping. I believe the duvet, sheets and pillowcases set the tone of the room. You can become very romantic or very minimal just form the choice you make.

First, I suggest going to a large showroom like ABC Home, Bloomingdale’s or Macy’s so you can see vignettes made for ease of selection.

Second, color choice is key. Most people select colors or serenity for ease of sleeping but some like the stimulation of exciting colors.

Then, you have the choice of romantic…

Or, masculine as you may not be a couple…

Or, a child’s room…

Or, contemporary….

Or, chintz…

But, no matter what style of bedding you select, it will make a dominant statement in your bedroom

How to Turn a Closet into your Home Office

This week’s project at Holzman Interiors was an exercise in space planning. We all know space is precious in our New York City apartments and we need to squeeze our lives into them. Most of my clients can’t afford designating a full room or bedroom for a work station but, if you are lucky we can re-divide a closet and make one space function as two.

Hire an interior designer or architect and contractor to make sure that the walls we plan to adjust are not load bearing. Sometimes a header of steel is needed for such a change, but, unlikely in a NYC apartment.

Then make the adjustments on the floor plan deciding the amount of space you will want for your home office and how many chairs you want in the seating area.

Plan a design. Here are several photos that I used for inspiration to show my clients what they can have.

You will need board approval, permits and proper insurance from the contractor and subs he is using on the job.

Voila, enjoy. A good quality work station/home office will always be appreciated as a re-sale plus!

This is the results you can get from a walk in closet…

How to Pick from What the NYC Gift Show Had to Offer

You couldn’t help but know that PILLOWS were the most prominent accessory at the show. At a point, you got bored with these exciting, different accessories that are so important to the statement of your room. You literally went from one booth to the next and your saw from the overdone to the understated.

As I noted in a previous blog, the interior design world has gone crazy for IKATS. These bold pillows were everywhere. Dwell Studio had some of the best and John Robshaw had complimentary small patterns to work with them.

Or you could easily buy a fur pillow anywhere at the show

But just so you can see some other trends in the marketplace, here are an added few pictures that you might want to look for in the stores or contact Holzman Interiors for more info: