How to Pick Your Bedding to Reflect your Bedroom

When approaching a new bedroom project, I always take the client bedding shopping. I believe the duvet, sheets and pillowcases set the tone of the room. You can become very romantic or very minimal just form the choice you make.

First, I suggest going to a large showroom like ABC Home, Bloomingdale’s or Macy’s so you can see vignettes made for ease of selection.

Second, color choice is key. Most people select colors or serenity for ease of sleeping but some like the stimulation of exciting colors.

Then, you have the choice of romantic…

Or, masculine as you may not be a couple…

Or, a child’s room…

Or, contemporary….

Or, chintz…

But, no matter what style of bedding you select, it will make a dominant statement in your bedroom


How to Turn a Closet into your Home Office

This week’s project at Holzman Interiors was an exercise in space planning. We all know space is precious in our New York City apartments and we need to squeeze our lives into them. Most of my clients can’t afford designating a full room or bedroom for a work station but, if you are lucky we can re-divide a closet and make one space function as two.

Hire an interior designer or architect and contractor to make sure that the walls we plan to adjust are not load bearing. Sometimes a header of steel is needed for such a change, but, unlikely in a NYC apartment.

Then make the adjustments on the floor plan deciding the amount of space you will want for your home office and how many chairs you want in the seating area.

Plan a design. Here are several photos that I used for inspiration to show my clients what they can have.

You will need board approval, permits and proper insurance from the contractor and subs he is using on the job.

Voila, enjoy. A good quality work station/home office will always be appreciated as a re-sale plus!

This is the results you can get from a walk in closet…

How to Pick from What the NYC Gift Show Had to Offer

You couldn’t help but know that PILLOWS were the most prominent accessory at the show. At a point, you got bored with these exciting, different accessories that are so important to the statement of your room. You literally went from one booth to the next and your saw from the overdone to the understated.

As I noted in a previous blog, the interior design world has gone crazy for IKATS. These bold pillows were everywhere. Dwell Studio had some of the best and John Robshaw had complimentary small patterns to work with them.

Or you could easily buy a fur pillow anywhere at the show

But just so you can see some other trends in the marketplace, here are an added few pictures that you might want to look for in the stores or contact Holzman Interiors for more info:

How to Choose An Interior Designer through Social Networking Sites

As I read my industry newsletter, I am always amazed of another format that a perspective client can find an appropriate interior designer and also how an interior designer can get leads from social networking sights.

First, of course there are the more familiar websites such as our industry leaders. ASID (American Society of Interior Designers) has a “Find a Designer” section of their website for any interested party to shop the designer’s works and select from numerous ones. It’s a very, user friendly site called Find A Designer

The famous “Gilt Group” bought a site called Decorati where you could find leads for Designers within your zip code area. This site will not be up and running do to the purchase until September. The clients’ wishes are in a quick blast from Decorati and it’s up to the designer to buy the lead. Only 4 designers get the opportunity so you have to do it quickly to get in the race. Then it’s up to the designer to seal the deal through a client.



The iconic magazine “Elle D

What are your accessories saying about you?

Just like your personal visual, very often you walk into a space and know immediately a lot about a person. Is the person a sophisticated New Yorker or a casual suburban? Here are some ways to decide who that person is:

Is your space sparse with art as your signature?

Is your space cluttered with ornamentation, family photos and reading claustrophobic?

Is your furniture full of tassels and trim? Full of chintz wavering on a “Victorian”?

Is your apartment full of geometrics whether round or square?

At the end of the day, as long as you are happy with your environment, then who cares what others think. One of my sayings is, “You stay, I leave, you have to be happy!” But, hopefully, we both are.

How To Change Your Style!

This week as I’ve been struggling with taking a client out of the “Chintz” world into what is happening in the design world today. With more casual lifestyles and clothing attire, the same thing is happening in the interior design world. I never want to push a client more than they want to, but, you can make some simple changes that will transform a traditional space into a transitional space.

First, you can use the fabric that you love on any piece of furniture. It’s easy to change the rolled arm sofa that you are familiar with and look for something with cleaner lines.

Or if you like a traditional stripe – change it up and put it on something different

And lastly instead of picking a very traditional coffee table, try one that works for an easier lifestyle

Just remember, every time you want to de-clutter your life, try it with your furniture as well. Make your accents speak and not a room that speaks “Too Much Furniture”!