How Your Personal Fashion Sense Directs Your Interior Design Aesthetic

Fashion and interior design go hand in hand.  Your personal dressing style is a reflection of you and plays a huge part in how you design your home.  Here are four major categories of design defined and detailed on how it translates into your home:

1) Traditional – this style says that you are all about what is timeless.  From tailored suits to classic pieces, your sense of style is one that transcends time and place.  When it comes to decor, your go to pieces are old world styles where beauty is found in the details.  You are particularly drawn to warm wood finishes and rich colors that provide a feel of luxury to your space.

traditional interior design

2) Contemporary – You generally follow modern ideas of fashion.  You gravitate towards fashion forward pieces that have clean lines and structure.  Within the interior design realm, you subscribe to the idea of “less is more.”  You tend to seek cooler colors and generally choose grays and blacks as your neutrals.


3) Transitional – You like to blend traditional and modern elements together.  When it comes to interior design, you have a great respect for fine details and craftsmanship but tend to lean towards the minimalist approach of contemporary style.


4) Casual – You generally tend to seek out styles that are suitable for everyday use, pieces that are relaxed and comfortable.  You want your home to feel welcoming and lived in and therefore tend to gravitate towards pieces that have character.  You prefer prints and colors that are cheery and bright.




Transforming Your Basement

The possibilities of a basement are endless – there is so much that can be done to transform that space into an amazing usable addition to your home.  However, before you begin your planning process, there are a few things to consider:

1) Check your basement for any water issues.  You will want to look for stained walls, pools of water or any type of moisture coming through the below grade walls.


2) It is important to look into your city’s code requirements.  Some cities require you to obtain permits before you do any construction work.  There are also certain codes that you must adhere to when designing your space.

code book

3) Consider a drop or suspended ceiling.  These types of ceiling provide easy access to electrical and plumbing lines.  They are also a more cost efficient option.

droppped ceiling

4) Because the ceiling height in most basements is limited, it may be a good idea to go with recessed lighting.  They don’t take up overhead space and are an easy install with a drop/suspended ceiling.


5) It may make sense to install heating vents at floor level due to warm air rising.

baseboard heating

6) Make a list of how you would want to use this basement.  It is best to get a clear idea on the different types of spaces you will need.



Easy Tips for Creating a Calm Home

Your home should be a place that nurtures and supports your overall well being.  It should not be a place that leaves you feeling tired and low on energy.  Your home should be a place that allows you to recharge and be ready for today’s hectic world.  Here are some simple solutions to creating a calm and peaceful home:

1) Give all the rooms in your home some level of attention.  May that be finishing up a design/decorating project or simply rearranging things the room already holds.  You want each room to feel finished, allowing harmony within your entire home.

2) Studies have shown that color impacts your emotional and psychological levels.  It can greatly affect your energy and mood levels.  Therefore, it is important that you choose colors that make you feel calm, happy and settled.


3) Decluttering and organizing your home instantly brings a level of peace and calmness around you.  When you organize your space you are never in a frantic search looking for things, therefore allowing you to maintain a level of calm.


4) Place items around your home that produce good positive memories.  Surrounding yourself by objects that support positive vibes within you allows you to maintain your level of peace.

pitcures final

5) Plants are very important to have in your home.  Not only do certain plants re-oxygenate indoor air but it also brings with it a live energy to your space.