Best Indoor House Plants

Having house plants in your home not only adds a wonderful live design element into your space, but it also has many other benefits. It improves and purifies the air around you and it can improve your health.  Studies have shown that adding plants in your home can lead to less colds, flus and headaches.  Here are 5 clean air plants for your home:

English Ivy – This plant thrives in small spaces with little sunlight needed. This plant also does a good job at absorbing formaldehyde, an indoor pollutant that can be found in synthetic carpet dyes and wood floorboards resins.

Peace Lily – This plant adapts well to low light.  However this plant is poisonous to pets.  This plant absorbs acetone and VOC benzene.

Lady Palm –  This plant targets ammonia which is a major ingredient in cleaners, dyes and textiles.

Boston Fern – The boston fern needs constant moisture  and humidity.  But it is considered to be one of the most efficient air purifiers.  It does well in removing formaldehyde and certain toxic metals.

Snake Plant – This plant thrives in low light.  At night it absorbs carbon dioxide and releases oxygen.

plants 1 plant 2 plant 3 plant 4





Beadboard: To Bead or not to Bead?

Beadboard is a wonderful way to add charming detail to your home; a finishing touch to your masterpiece.  There are many different ways to incorporate beadboard into your home. It can be used as a ceiling and wall treatment and it can be used on furniture and cabinets.  Here are a few images to use as inspiration for your next project:

Wall and Ceiling – When using this treatment for you walls, you will want to cover about one-third of the lower portion of the wall.  The top of the board should be finished with a stylish trim.

one third bead board

ceiling beadboard


Cabinets – Instead of purchasing new replacements for your cabinets, you can cover them up with beadboard.

cabinet beadboard

Furniture – You can affix beadboard to dressers, buffets, sideboards and chests of drawers to spruce them up.

beadboard bed


DIY Refinishes for Your Laminate Countertop

Wanting to refresh those tired old laminate counter tops but are not ready for a complete overhaul?  Here are some great ways to change the look of your laminate countertops:

1) Concrete – If you want your counter tops to look like finished concrete, you can achieve this look by using Ardex, which gives a smooth, concrete looking finish to a variety of substrates.



2) Metal Banding – This produces a very retro look to your space.  It is also a great way to hide chipped surfaces.  The  Retro Renovation. does a great job in explaining how to install these bands.



3) Tile – Although this option is more time consuming, it can produce a very nice look to your space. The  DIY Network has a step by step tutorial on how to install tile over laminate.

white tile


4) Faux Marble – This DIY fix involves hand painting. Here is a step by step guide on achieving this look: Gorgeous Shiny Thingsfaux marble






Design Tips for Your Balcony

A balcony can be seen as an extension of your living space.  Depending on its size, it can be a place where you entertain, cook or simply relax.  Here are a few things to consider when designing this space. Consult with a qualified professional to check your balcony’s load baring capacity.  Think about how the space will be used throughout the seasons and what time of day the space will be used the most.  When designing, try to layer the space to add more depth and make sure you choose furniture pieces that are appropriate in size and scale.  It is also important that you use pieces that are all weather friendly, and if they are upholstered, make sure the fabric is suitable for the outdoors, i.e. treated.


balcony 1

balcony 2

balcony 3

balcony 4