Sustainable Flooring

There are many different sustainable flooring products out there that are made from renewable, ecologically sound resources.  These products include hardwood substitutes, natural fiber carpets and linoleum.

Wood – The wood flooring that you use would have to be reclaimed wood in order for it to meet the Materials & Resources criteria for LEED certification.

reclaimed wood

Bamboo Flooring – This type of flooring is made from grass and is anti-bacterial, water resistant and very durable.  Some bamboo floors are considered to be less sustainable if they contain formaldehyde vs natural based adhesives.


Cork Flooring – is a renewable and sustainable resource that is anti-microbial.

cork flooring


Linoleum Flooring – is made from dried and milled flax seeds mixed with other plant materials that are renewable and 100% biodegradable.

linoleum flooring

Rubber Flooring –  is only considered sustainable if it is not made from a petroleum product.  It comes from a rubber tree that is renewable.

rubber flooring

Natural and Recycled Carpet –  Carpets such as sisal, wool, cotton, jute and coconut husk are all sustainable.

natural carpet

Coconut Timber Flooring – is a hardwood substitute from a coconut palm tree.  This flooring is made from matured palm trees that no longer bear fruits.






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