TOP 10 INTERIOR DESIGN TRENDS FOR 2014 #7 Meaningful Accessories

Meaningful accessories is the trend for 2014.  The concept of “less is more”  comes into play for the number 7 Top 10 Interior Design Trend for 2014.  The idea behind this trend is to choose objects, artwork and photos that have meaningful significance to you.  You want your space to be reflective of who you are and where you have been.

picture 1

picture 2

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TOP 10 INTERIOR DESIGN TRENDS FOR 2014 #8 Sculptural Artwork

Branch out beyond framed prints and make your 2014 art collection stand out. Sculptural pieces add dimensionality to your walls. A range of materials and textures like felt, horn, ceramic and even macramé create unique focal points and conversation topics.

Here are a few examples: