For many, myself included, the wine is just as important to a meal as the food. A steak isn’t the same without the right red, and lunch on the patio during the summer isn’t the same without a refreshing glass of white. Keeping a wine for every occasion necessitates a perfect place to store your collection. Not only is it a way to keep your wine temperature controlled, but its also a great way to showcase your collection. I have collected a variety of wine cellars to truly show how diverse their design can be and how it is possible to create one on any scale, whether it be a room of its own or simply a seamless part of your kitchen.


The Porch

As the weather gets warmer, I can’t help thinking about warm summer nights on the porch. One of the best parts of summer is that we aren’t confined to being indoors all of the time. Outside we can grill, garden, and most importantly, relax. A porch can function as an outdoor living room, dining room, or kitchen just for the summer or for all seasons. Alternatively, a porch can function as an entrance to your home, setting the tone for the design and feel of the entire property.

Before moving to New York City, this is the all-season porch I created for my home in Southern Connecticut. One of the few drawbacks to living in the city is not having this anymore! Below, I compiled a series of porches that I think really take advantage of the concept and that show how diverse they can be in style and in function.