How to make the Room using Doors?

The door! What an underestimated focal point of your home. There are so many opportunities to wow your guests and yourself around the house by spicing up these entrance ways. Here are a few examples of beautiful doors around the world.

Holy Grand Entrance. This front door is spectacular with its decorative frieze and windows. Not only is it ornamental but its also over-sized. What a great way to enter your home!

I love the beautiful shape of this unusual Dutch entrance way. The light fixtures are excellent and positioned higher to create a very powerful feel. Very cool.

Shape is key in this traditional patio entrance way.

Here is a foyer door I added to a Chicago Home last year. The door is a nice detail to the downstairs living room.

I have noticed a increasing interest in the simple industrial look and thought whats more simple and industrial then a barn door. Paint the door a bright color and it creates a pleasant contrast between feminine and rustic.

Old doors meets new sliding technology. These doors tuck away into the wall to allow an open floor plan but also can creates an intimate setting by closing off this large opening.

Great wood stain on this double door. Very Southern.

These stacking doors hide away to the side by folding up nice and compact. Its smooth track system is well made and phenomenal for large areas such as patios, sunrooms, swimming pool enclosures and any other indoor/outdoor spaces. And what a great view it creates in the room.

Turn your door into a canvas by painting the door with a beautiful image or a lovely quote. What a fun weekend project to do with your friends and family.

Here is another example of a door to bring out your creative side. This door was painted with some Chalkboard paint you can find at any home depot or hardware store. Here is a link:,default,pd.html……The kids will love this and keep them off your white walls.

Another fun idea for the kids room….a secret passageway. I love this idea not only because the room behind the door is mysterious and special but the door is also a shelf. Talk about multipurpose! Think of how fun and functional this idea would be in the kitchen!

Here the designer went about hiding the door by painting it to blend with the walls. The large thick stripes gives the bathroom a fun clean and cheerful look!


How to Create Recreation Spaces in your Home?

There is nothing more dreary then a damp, hazardous, underutilized basement or attic space. These rooms are typically large and awkward and hard to design but if you or your family love to entertain then have no fear. Here are some fun tips to add entertainment to these under-appreciated spaces while adding square-footage to your home.

Don’t let bad weather get in the way of your golf game. This man cave found in Hopkins, MN is equipped with a golf simulator large enough to invite your friends over for a game. Even get the kids involved for a fun family activity!

Sometimes it seems like your kids are just climbing up the walls! Well in this play room, climbing is encouraged. This awkward space creates an opportunity to be inventive and astute. The materials for this climbing wall can be found here: . It is a great way to keep the kids entertained and active. Notice the over-sized bean bag under the wall for a safe way to dismount.

Save time and money by transforming your basement into a physical fitness area. Have young children in your home? Here the designer separated the recreational space and the kids play area so day-care is not necessary while you burn those calories!

This awesome lagoon doubles as a spa jacuzzi and a resistance pool! On the far wall, large stone colored tiles create a natural outdoorsy feel while the Japanese wood screen above generates a tranquil setting.  Love the lighting which is set on a dimmer for a relaxing late night soak.

Have the space for a full-size basketball court in your apartment in NYC? Highly unlikely. But remodeling that old barn across your property is not as impossible as the latter. I love this reclaimed barn with the hardware flanking the two-story windows.  Some of my basketball-crazed clients  have asked for a place to practice their jump shot which CAN be done in a space much smaller then this. Half court or quarter-sized courts can be conceptualized in your garage or basement area.

Sleek and modern meets functional and healthy. The ceiling to floor mirrors enlarges the your small workout area and gives you a great platform to monitor your physical improvements. And the gentle lighting and the textured wall to wall carpet is beautiful.

Man Cave meets Fitness meets media Room meets Play room. This large basement space has been converted to the ultimate amusement area. The rubber floor is easy to install and even easier to clean. (and inexpensive!)

This room really embodies a lodge-like feel with its dark tones and rustic wood floor. Not to mention the metal drum chandelier has a very masculine personality. The idea is to keep all the fun activities all in one space. This basement also includes a wine cellar, wet bar, home theater, poker table and addition sleeping quarters.

This open ceiling attic has been transformed into an awesome entertainment room equipped with its very own professional pool table. The felt color has been customized to tie in the exotic colors and patterns of the duel seating area that boarders the room. The symmetry of the room creates a modern, aesthetically pleasing mood to enjoy a cocktail and a playful game of eight-ball.

How to Make your Laundry Room Multipurpose?

Keeping up a clean home can be difficult, especially with children, pets, craft projects, and, well, husbands. All the laundry, and hiking boots, the scraps from school projects and pet necessities need a place in your space without disrupting the warmth and relaxation of your home.  Here are a few examples of homeowners making the best of these small spaces.

Home office meets laundry room. The separation of the two counter top’s by height lets you stand at one end and gives you a comfortable counter to sit and do your work. Or maybe include a sewing machine! The large windows over the desk brightens the space and lets you forget about the chores such a room features.

This laundry room doubles up as a wrapping/craft room. The monochromatic theme acts as a blank canvas for your creative side. Notice the subway tile used around the back-splash, very cool.

Take a look at this French inspired garden room. When designing your laundry room, don’t settle for standard. Think about what you love to do in your free time. If it’s not sewing or crafting, maybe its designing your outdoor haven. This is YOUR home, make it personal.

Holy Multipurpose. This mudroom/craft-room/home-office/laundry room exhibits organization integrity at its best. The bench sitting area uses the space perfectly with coat hooks above and a decorative/storage shelf beyond that! Magnificent!

Efficiency is terribly important when it comes to your mudroom, unless you want the rest of your home covered in outside whatchamacallit. This organized unit acts as a mudroom, storage, and divider between the laundry room and rest of the house.

Sleek, white and beautiful. I fell in love with this clean, crisp laundry room found on Not only dos the room make a beautiful space but look at all that storage! Note: This would be perfect for a NYC apartment.

The ironing board, one of the eternal home design dilemma’s. Hiding such an essential yet awkward object in the wall is an excellent way to have it at your finger tips when you need it and forget about it when you don’t.

Add bright colors to your laundry room to avoid the drab disposition of the space.  Carrera marble counter tops embodies elegance while the lime green adds a burst of energy. Notice the over-the-top soaking sink adjacent to the washer/dryer units. Very functional and necessary and what a great place to incorporate it.

Dealing with your pets litter is truly a labor of love, not only because of the cleaning but also in its concealment. Designing a secret entrance to a built-in kitty box avoids its awkward inclusion to your home and prevents the odors to spread throughout the house. And what better place to keep it out of view from your guests and everyday life other then the laundry room!

Get rid of the ugly packaging and store your detergents in something more visually pleasing like these decroative glass vases!

How Indigo is the New Black.

As the seasons change and trends come and go, so does my admiration for unique colors. Even with my fickle ways, there is still an old flame that seems everlasting: indigo. The hue, derived from a plant called Indigofera, grew in popularity with its use in denim. Feng Shui says the deep color creates tranquility and relaxation.  Here are some examples of incorporating this mysterious and transcendental color into your home.

This high-gloss paint on the wall reflects the lighting and adds life to this over-sized media room. The client wanted to display his autographed records and so using a dark indigo color frames the pieces very well. And you cant miss the desk! Which was finished off with car paint for that super glossy look!

This blue cabinet-like vanity caught my eye. The masculinity of the blue pops the white counter tops and adds an interesting contrast with the pieces feminine nature. Also, the blue is a nice middle ground between the large mirror and wood floor.

Splashes of indigo add life to any white room. Here, the inclusion of blue casts a pleasant nautical touch to this casual sitting area. Finding the perfect fabric to accent your home cant be hard but you can find lots of options at Kravet Fabrics. (Here is a link:

Love this classic pairing of deep blues and burnt yellows. The solid couch allows you to add pattern in both the rug and the drapes. And who doesnt love this zig-zag indigo and white area rug.

Here we find that elegance meets eclectic. The indigo chandelier is a fantastic way to spice up your living room that can seem to appear too static.

Don’t forget about the ceiling, or how some like to refer to it as the 5th wall. The textured indigo wall paper adds a sophisticated touch to this fresh dining room.

I could curl up in this cozy bedroom and feel perfectly relaxed. Here the designer layered different hues to blue to complete the look. The crisp white accents make this room look very tailored.

Love the ottoman and the gold and blue paring.

High-gloss indigo tiles bring out the best of this space in this open kitchen. The color is speckless and clean and a god-send for your kitchen.