How to Make Your Home Whimsical

Deborah Needleman said it best in her recent article published in the Wall Street Journal where the title of the piece was “10 Odd, Yet Essential Elements of Style, ” and she states, “Style ought to be loose and easygoing, capacious and expansive, uplifting and amusing.” And it’s this whimsy that has inspired this week’s blog.

I started looking at my portfolio and picked out elements she mentioned. We share many of the same aesthetis such as decorative mirrors and ethnic textiles. Here is a list of my own 10 quirky elements of style, I think every home should possess.

1. Soothing Lighting – The fun, Asian-influenced chandeliers were the inspiration for this living room. They are shirred silk that are really smokey in color but the light illuminates to the lilac color. The light is inviting and warm and makes the living room really worth living in.

2. Bright Accent Colors – Orange is the accent for this sleek space. We knew the orange lampshades would pop the room that was designed with traditional Italian colors. The neon green shelf complements the orange accent pieces and creates a jazzy, modern space.

3. Decorative Mirrors – this bedroom was so calm that adding an accent color would not have made sense but creating a funky, mosaic tile mirror was the answer. The opalescent, beige lucite light fixtures were a great adjunct to the mirror. These pieces really bring a little sparkle and drama into the room

4. Mural Art – These funky and original elements lift the rooms spirit and make your plain bathroom into something spectacular.

5. Organic objects – Brings an earthy, relaxed feel to any living space.

6. Ethnic Textiles – Handcrafted from India, these woven pieces of art add a wildness into any cozy room

7. Sliding Doors – There was no room for traditional doors and what better way to make a grand entrance/exit than to slide doors open on a contemporary, barn track system. A functional fixture in the room can also be characterized as a work of art.

8. Expressive Wallpaper – Doesn’t always have to be on the walls…here the designer chose to wallpaper the back stair or some furniture!

Holiday Lights – There are a variety of ways to turn cliche white lights into a modern, contemporary piece in a room. A warm glow from the headboard? Very cool!

Stone – Here we used tile to mimic a stone wall for the master bathroom. The final look is clean and sleek, perfect for all living areas. This stylish look give a very restful feel to the space.


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