How to Add Personality into your Apartment with an Accent Wall

Painting your apartment can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. Adding flare can be done by simply picking your favorite color and painting a particular wall in your room. But there are rules to follow.

Make sure you pick a color that brings out other design aspects in the room. Make it bright. In this example, she used Benjamin Moore paint, a quart of their Primer and Paint in one. It covers up to 100 square feet. This is a penny saver because paint can be expensive.When shopping for supplies, just get the basics. No reason to buy the best of the best if it’s a small project.

Painters tape is necessary. It helps keep your straight lines clean. Pick a wall that gets a lot of natural light. Stay away form painting walls with windows.

Make sure to keep your paint area clean and take the time to lay out a canvas or sheet to avoid any additional mess.

And Presto!

To add that extra touch, a darker shade of orange was used to paint the inside sill. Only a pint was needed!

Add some pictures and a few decorative pieces and you are add done!

Don’t let painting discourage you from making your space your own. The one wall wonder really lets you personalize the room. The rules are only enforced by the limitations of your imagination. Have Fun!


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